Webmastering 101

How to be your own webmaster

As a site owner, it's crucial to your business to remain in control of your domain and your website.
In addition, having a understanding of the basic functions and workings of webmastering inside out enables you to hire virtual assistant/s to have most of your work done while focusing on your online business and remain in charge.

Secret Tools of the Webmaster

I use less tools than most webmasters. Part of the reasons is due to my inability to use software. You may want more, but you don't need most to get the job done. Less is sometimes better if you know about the Webmaster Common Tools for Extraordinary Results...

The Web Creation Process

Unlike other websites which talk about how a website is built, I show you in details how this website, and some of my other websites are built. Just follow the steps and you too, will be able to build your own own website, and get the same results with New Websites Creation Process...

How To Code Your Web Pages Like A Pro

Time to build your web pages. Page by page. It's those pages that make a website. A quick guide on how to use HTML5, PHP and CSS to build your web pages. Web Page Markup Guide

Make Money From Your Website

This is the primary objective of having a website. If it's not, you can skip this part.

If it is, you need to learn about Traffic Generation, Building Your List, Testing of Campaigns, and other tips, tricks, and techniques that will turn your website into a money-making machine Make Money...

The Social Media Network Connection

I know, you would rather be in Facebook and other Social Media instead of building your own website. But those are not your websites, that's why you are not their webmasters. The site owners are. You are merely helping their sites grow with your contents.

Why not grow your own site with your excellent contents. Learn how to make use of Social Media to bring traffic to your website by tapping on the Social Network...

Quick Fix - Maintanence Time

This is a time wasting segment - for any site owner. That the reason why Facebook and other Social Media are so easy. You just post. They take care of the site. When you are your own webmaster, you just have to roll up your sleeves start digging for Quick Fix or a Permanent Cure...